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What is the PRD?

Permanent Road Division (PRD). 

The PRD is created and funded by the private property owners of a community. The County provides the maintenance services on behalf of the property owners using property owners assessments.

The Road Committee

The County requires that there be a Road Committee of three residents. The Chairperson is the liaison between the property owners of the PRD Zone and the Department of Public Works, which manages the PRD Program.


The Road Committee is:

Steve Kincaid- CommitteChairperson

Sandie Mc Cann-Committee Member

Contacting the Committee

If you have questions or concerns about the roads in Wynola Estates, please use the email address on this site.  Your inquiries will be answered in a timely manner.


Wynola Estates Roads

There are about 2.5 miles of roads in Wynola Estates.  These roads are paved and maintained by the PRD.  It is important to maintain these roads for many reasons.  The PRD helps the community to maintain the roads with assessments paid yearly by every home owner.  Periodically it is necessary to evaluate amount of this assessment to make sure that is is  in line with inflation and current rates for road maintenance work.  We are looking into this at this time and will have a report up on the site soon.  

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